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Over 60 years of experience

Although Maslag was founded only in the year 2000, the experience in crushing goes back more than 60 years.

MK 63

"In this photo, my father Esko Perälä and my grandmother Tyyne Perälä are on a site visit." - Markku Perälä CEO


Our Story

"The MK 63 plant was the first crushing plant purchased by the Perälä family in 1959. I myself was born in 1961, I remember the institution, but I was too young to actually work there. I was more like messing up my clothes, collecting tools and making coffee for workers on maintenance days if the site was close to home. The MK 90 plant came in 1971. I worked as a "miller" for this position during the first full summer vacation in 1976. With this same position, my oldest nephew and I studied the electrification of crushers the hard way, when the pre-crusher unit collapsed after the rear wheel tandem axle broke in 1978 and the electrical center was practically destroyed. At that time, there was no electrician in the home area who knew how to repair it, and the delivery time of the new spare part ordered from Lokomo was months, so we did the electricity ourselves. With all this bad luck, the post-crusher wagon overturned while bringing it to the same truck. While bringing the trailer with a winter snowmobile, the combination lost traction and the whole wagon fell into a ditch. Similarly, the power stations were damaged so badly that we replaced them as well. Self-made electrifications worked without problems until 1982, when the station was replaced by the new C125 /G2614 plant. The MK 120 plant came to the house in 1975, at that time it was the largest portable crushing plant in Finland."


- Markku Perälä CEO

MK 90

(the photo is Lokomo's brochure photo taken by Olli Aho).


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